CO_SECUR | SHINE’s new project aims to improve safety in public spaces

It is with great excitement that SHINE 2Europe unveils its latest project: CO_SECUR. This is an initiative funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe program, of which SHINE is one of its 9 European partners.

On January 18th and 19th, represented by Carina Dantas, Paola Bello and Harm Op Den Akker, SHINE was in Valencia, Spain, for the launch meeting of CO_SECUR. The main purpose of this innovative project is to create a comprehensive catalogue of European safety initiatives for public spaces, using social innovation as a key tool.

CO_SECUR’s most ambitious goal is to drive the adoption of effective, co-produced and successful security protocols and solutions, with a particular focus on mass or crowd events. The project consortium aspires not only to improve security, but also to promote confidence in procedures, increase acceptance, and positively influence security perception and behaviour.

To this end, the project will follow a methodology of 4 strategic phases:

1) Literature review of evidence on security and perception of security;

2) Mapping and selection of security practices;

3) Descriptive analysis of 72-180 case studies from 9 European countries and critical synthesis of the results;

4) Co-writing and validation of the Societal Development Plan (SDP) and tools, through participatory activities such as seminars, national working groups, national workshops, and public consultation at EU level.

On completion of these phases, the resulting Societal Development Plan will contain a detailed description of Social Innovation in Safety in Europe, a compendium of good practices and a roadmap of actions. Committed to the effective dissemination of the project, the CO_SECUR partners will communicate the results in their regions, passing on knowledge about transferable and scalable security solutions implemented in public spaces.

The ultimate goal? To boost smart and safer communities across Europe.