Carina Dantas1

Current Positions

Set-2011 Innovation Department Director | Senior Project Manager | Board of Directors
Dec-2019 External expert for CEN/CENELEC – Ethics on the ICT Profession
Feb-2019 European Commission – evaluator/reviewer | H2020 evaluator for DG RTD, DG Sante and DG CNECT on different initiatives; evaluator of I2M adoption awards and matchmaking needs
Sep-2018 ECHAlliance – International Projects Manager
Jun-2018 Coordinator Portuguese Network on Healthy, Smart and Inclusive Environments
Jun-2018 Standing Committee of Policy and Advocacy - International Health Literacy Association
Mar-2018 Coordinator Stakeholders Network on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments
Jun-2016 EIP-AHA – Main coordinator – group D4 - Age-friendly environments and evaluator of good practices (EU repository)
Jan-2016 Vice-President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change
Abr-2012 Member of the Technical and Pedagogical Council CEARTE (training centre)