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Set-2011 – current date

Caritas Coimbra – Innovation Department Director | Board of Directors

  Dec-2019 – current date

  Feb-2019 – current date

European Commission – evaluator/reviewer | H2020 DG RTD, DG Sante, DG CNECT, Eureka, I2M

  Sep-2018 – current date

ECHAlliance – International Projects Manager

  Jun-2018 – current date

Coordinator Portuguese Network on Healthy, Smart and Inclusive Environments

  Jun-2018 – current date

Standing Committee of Policy and Advocacy - International Health Literacy Association

  Mar-2018 – current date

Coordinator Stakeholders Network on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

  Jun-2016 – current date

EIP-AHA – Main coordinator – group D4 - Age-friendly environments and evaluator of good practices (EU repository).

  Jan-2016 – current date

Vice-President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change

  Abr-2012 – current date

Member of the Technical and Pedagogical Council CEARTE (training centre)


Project Manager in ECHAlliance:

DigitalHealthEurope | 2019-2020 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. empirica
Support to enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market

WE4AHA | 2018-2020 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. Funka
Enabling large-scale uptake of digital innovation for active and healthy ageing

Trillium II | 2017-2019 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. MedCom / HL7
Advance adoption of the International patient summary through standards and interoperability

Innovation Director in Cáritas Coimbra

Platform Uptake | 2020-2022 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. Synio
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas

Phara-On | 2020-2023 (H2020 IA) – Coord. Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Large-scale pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing. Cáritas Coimbra leads Ethics, is leader of the Portuguese pilot and co-leads WP) – Dissemination with AGE Platform Europe.

Valuecare | 2020-2022 (H2020 IA) – Coord. Erasmus MC
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Large-scale pilots for integrated care. Cáritas Coimbra leads Ethics and the Portuguese pilot.

Smartwork | 2019-2021 (H2020 Digital transformation in Health and Care)Coord: Byte
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Worker-centric AI system for work ability sustainability. Cáritas is leading WP2 and WP8 and Carina Dantas is the Chair of the Ethics Committee. Cáritas is also leader of task on Ethics.

Dapas - AAL support packages distributed in larger scale | 2018-20 (AAL) – EHXTEX
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Integrated ICT solution for the older population and their caregivers. Cáritas participates in the requirements and pilots and Carina Dantas is Chair of User Advisory Board/Ethics Committee.

Lifebots | 2019-2022 (Marie-Curie H2020)Coord: NTNU
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Marie Curie network for care and welfare through the inclusion of social robots.

EU_SHAFE | 2019-2022 (Interreg Europe)Coord: Bizkaia Region
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Aims to promote smart healthy age-friendly environments policy & implementation in Europe.

Hands-on-SHAFE | 2019-2022 (Erasmus+)Coord: AFEdemy
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
It aims to create training materials for community facilitators on SHAFE implementation.

IGCAL | 2019-2022 (Erasmus+)Coord: Työväen Akatemia
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
It aims to create training materials for improving adult guidance and education.

Avik | 2018-2021 (Erasmus+)Coord: WHKT
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
It aims at the exchange of intercultural skills for social inclusion, between European partners.

Toilet4me -| 2018-2019 (AAL Programme) Coord: Technical University of Viena.
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Study on smart bathrooms, suitable for the older public in public or semi-public environments.

Jumpair | 2018-2019 (SME instrument H2020)Coord: Dofren
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Anti-decubitus massage system located underneath the wearer’s body.

ReHab | 2018-2019 (BPI Séniores) – Coord: Cáritas Coimbra; Partners; IPN, Fraunhofer.
It aims at cognitive and physical prevention and rehabilitation of older persons at their home.

TriploD | 2019-2022 (Cidadãos Ativos | EEA Grants) – Coord: Cáritas Coimbra
Aims to promote active citizenship, intervening in democracy, human rights and demography.

Mind & Gait | 2017-2019 (PT2020 - FCT) – Coord: Coimbra’s Nursing School
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Combined intervention to older adults, with cognitive stimulation and physical activity.

GrowMeUp | 2015-2018 (H2020)Coord: University of Coimbra
Coordinator in Cáritas – Carina Dantas
Innovative robot, GrowMu, to support people over 65 years in their daily activities. Cáritas lead Ethics and was involved in requirements and pilots, Carina was member of Ethics Committee


Reviewer of abstracts submitted for the 2019 International Conference on Soft Computing and Machine Learning (SCML 2019 - April 26th-29th, 2019--Wuhan, China)

Reviewer of articles submitted to the Integrated Care Foundation Journal

Reviewer of abstracts submitted to the International Conference on Integrated Care 2019 & 2020

Workshop organiser and reviewer of abstracts for the Conference PETRA 2019

Jury - pre-selection panel of the European Silver Economy Awards (May 2018)

Jury – Regional Awards on Active and Healthy Ageing – editions 2018 & 2019

Delphi panels - URB-HealthS | Multidisciplinary expert panels improving urban health trainings for technicians and trainers; FOCUS project; ISO on mHealth apps; PRO-ACT project



EU_SHAFE Good Practices - European Assessment Report – Authors: Jose MIguel, Antonia Caro, Carina Dantas, et al.


AAL Guidelines for Ethics, Data Privacy and Security – Authors: Carina Dantas, Petra Hoogendoorn, Ilse Kryspin-Exner, Astrid Stuckelberger, Daniel Tijink


European Synthesis Report on contents and methods for online training packages – Editors: Jesper Schulze, Karin Stiehr, Javier Ganzarain; Contributors: Carina Dantas et al


Portuguese Study to cross knowledge gaps and to prepare online training packages – Authors: Carina Dantas, Natália Machado, Ana Oliveira, Sofia Ortet, et al


BOOK CHAPTER Manual do Cuidador – Envelhecimento Ativo e Saudável (Caregivers Manual – Active and Healthy Ageing) Author of Chapter O Cuidado Complementar (Complementary Care).


WHITE PAPER Caregivers’ role in ICT development and exploitation for Age-Friendly Environments - Authors: Ana Jegundo, Gil Gonçalves, Carina Dantas, et al.


A review of successful initiatives and models on Patient Summary standards in mHealth apps – Authors: Carina Dantas, Valentina Tageo, Catherine Chronaki, et al


Older workers, technology and the balance of power: an ethical review (464-467) – Authors: Carina Dantas, Willeke van Staalduinen, et al


Health Tourism: an opportunity for sustainable development (109-115) - Illario M, De Luca V, Leonardini L, Kucharczyk M, Parent AS, Dantas C, et al


State of the Art Report for Smart Habitat for Older Persons – Authors: Signe Tomsone, Petra Marešova, (…) Carina Dantas, et al


Developing a Smart Toilet System for ageing people and persons with disabilities – Authors: Cristina Balaceanu, Ioana Marcu, George Suciu, Carina Dantas and Peter Mayer


Next-generation ARIA care pathways for rhinitis and asthma: a model for multimorbid chronic diseases – Authors: Bousquet, J.J., Schünemann, H.J., Togias, A. (…), Carina Dantas et al.


Usability Evaluation of a Virtual Assistive Companion – Ana Jegundo, Carina Dantas, et al.


Framing Paper on SHAFE - Authors: Carina Dantas, Willeke van Staalduinen et al


Privacy Preference Terms in AHA - Authors: Gottfried Zimmerman, Carina Dantas, et al


Caregivers’ Role on ICT for AFE – Ana Jegundo, Gil Gonçalves, Carina Dantas, et al


Privacy Preference Terms in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) – Gottfried Zimmermann, Carina Dantas, et al


Association between hearing loss and self-perception of the hearing handicap in older person – Authors: Anamélia Almeida De Oliveira, Carina Dantas, et al - Journal Aging and Innovation


Project IdoVis - Visitors contribute to aging with more affection – Authors: Carina Dantas, Rosa Melo, Arménia Boleto, Fátima Silva, Flávia Rodrigues - Journal of Aging and Innovation


Smart Age-friendly Cities | Age-friendly Smart Cities! – Authors: Willeke van Staalduinen, Rodd Bond, Carina Dantas, Ana Jegundo


Speaking Robots: The Challenges of Acceptance by the Ageing Society – Authors: José Oliveira, Gonçalo Martins, Ana Jegundo, Carina Dantas, Cindy Wings, Luis Santos, et al


Age-friendly tourism – Authors: Willeke van Staalduinen, Carina Dantas, et al


Member of the UE Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Expert on several Delphi panels, e.g. FOCUS

Strategic Council of RIS3 – smart specialization strategy Centro region Portugal

Advisory Board of the CSA Homes4lifes (certification of smart living)

Reviewer of the Integrated Care Foundation Journal and MDPI Journal on Social Sciences

Member of the Organising Committee of the AAL Forum 2018 and 2019 and Egen2019

Member of the Coordination Group of Ageing@Coimbra (reference site)

Contact point in Coimbra for Caritas Portugal network


- B-Day 2019 – European Commission Annual Conference – Brussels, Belgium

- AAL Forum 2019 – Aarhus, Denmark

- Conference of Partners EIP-AHA 2018 - Brussels, Belgium

- Europe Social Housing: looking back, moving forward – Amesterdam, The Netherlands

- 2016 European Summit on Innovation for active and Healthy Ageing – Brussels, Belgium

- International Conference Neighbourhoods of the Future – Brussels, Belgium

- International Conference Facing the challenge of an ageing population – Naples, Italy

- International Conference Building the Future of Health – Groningen, Netherlands

- Refugees Crisis – TV program on RTP2


General Assembly / Board of the PTA of Solum South school 2013-2016.

Vice-President of the Board of FORDOC – (Young Trainers and Teachers), and General Assembly in "More Democracy Association" (civic, social and political) 2001 to 2005.

Founding Member / Installation Committee of G.A.T. - Portuguese Group of Activists on HIV/ AIDS treatments, being a member of this association from 2002 to 2004.

President of the Delegation of Coimbra of POSITIVO Association -. Support groups and self-help, Oct 2002 to Dec 2003 and was also Secretary of the Board.

Technical Director of viHda+ Centre / previously social worker in HIV/aids support projects (10 years)

Translations and digital projects (subcontracting and tenders)

Training Coordinator and Trainer (404 hours)


Postgraduate Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
High Studies School –Miguel Torga Superior Institute
1 year of lectures and 1 year of supervision (Dr. António Mendonça). Final thesis entitled "The Angel of Death: the failure of prevention campaigns of HIV/AIDS."

VI Course of Ongoing Formation for Prevention of Drug Addiction - Level 6
Drug and Addictions Institute

Various perspectives of intervention: social, psychological, pharmacological, rehabilitation, research. 2 papers: "From Depression to Drug Addiction - an analytical perspective" and "Group Psychotherapy."

Degree in Law (Pre-Bologna) - Level 6
Law School – University of Coimbra