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Dec-2019 – current date

CEO and founding partner SHINE 2Europe
SME that aims to promote inclusive communities to all citizens, by delivering research services and support to the implementation of tech-Savvy, Healthy and INclusivE solutions –  

Sep-2018 – current date

ECHAlliance – International Projects Manager
The European Connected Health Alliance drives sustainable change and disruption in health and social care - +40 countries and 600 members.

Jan-2021 – current date

The Digital Health Society – Management team
Movement legacy of the Estonian Presidency of the Council EU that promotes digital health policies, and focuses on health data and data management.

Nov-2020 – current date

Chair – NET4AgeFriendly
COST Action | 38 countries (~215 researchers) | aims at the establishment of local or regional ecosystems to work on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital world.

Dec-2019 – current date

External expert for CEN/CENELEC – Ethics on the ICT Profession
Development of a CEN/ Technical Standard on European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession and a User Guide -

Feb-2019 – current date

European Commission, EIT Digital, Eureka – evaluator/reviewer
H2020 evaluator for DG RTD, DG Sante, DG CNECT. Evaluator of I2M awards and matchmaking

Feb-2019 – current date

Coordinator Stakeholders Network on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments
Coordinator of Thematic Network SHAFE approved by DG Sante (EC) in 2018 and that is now a Stakeholders Network hosted in the EU Health Policy Platform – over 170 member organisations.

Jun-2018 – current date

Coordinator Portuguese Network on Healthy, Smart and Inclusive Environments
Technical Coordinator of Network REAVIVA with over 70 member organisations

Jun-2018 – current date

Standing Committee of Policy and Advocacy - International Health Literacy Association
Voluntary member - building a strong global voice on health literacy –

Jun-2016 – current date

EIP-AHA – Main coordinator – group D4 - Age-friendly environments
And evaluator of good practices (EU repository)

Jan-2016 – current date

Vice-President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change gathers over 150 EU public authorities and relevant stakeholders,

Abr-2012 – current date

Member of the Technical and Pedagogical Council CEARTE (training centre)
Pronunciation on the plans and programs of the courses; preparation of studies, expert opinions.

Apr-2020 – Jul-2020

Team Leader / expert for the AAL Programme – Ethics Certification
Development of the AAL Guidelines for Certification on Ethics, data security and privacy

Set-2011 – Dez-2020

Innovation Department Director | Senior Project Manager | Board of Directors
▪  Planning of institutional strategy; Head of Project Team; Head of Communication Team.
▪  Main Researcher in funded projects e.g. DAPAS (AAL), Smartwork (H2020), Mind&Gait (PT2020

Sep-2001 – Out-2011

Technical Director of viHda+ Centre / previously social worker in “Preserva” (HIV)
Management position in terms of human resources, organization psychosocial support to users.

Jan-2005 – Dez-2008

Translations and digital projects (subcontracting and tenders)
Translations, digital albums, processing / formatting, image processing, legal transcripts.

Abr-2003 - Dez-2003

Training Coordinator
Isotrust and Associação Positivo - Organization and technical coordination of training course.

Abr-2000 - Nov-2004

Trainer (404 hours)
I Several (Sistemas e Valores, Conclusão, Fastaoestudo, Isotrust, CDC, ESEC) :

"Introduction to communication"
"Verbal and nonverbal communication"
"Phases and decision group"
"Communication and Creativity"
"Life Project"
"Understanding of Mathematics"
"Group Dynamics / Drama Expression"
"Communication vs. Social System "
"Prevention of drug addiction" "Self-Knowledge"; "Law"
"Business Communication"
"Motivational Strategies"
"The Legal Regime of Social Security"
"Group Dynamics and Dramatic Expression"
"Business Creation"
"Occupation of Free Times"
"Child Developmental Psychology"
"Professional Ethics and Labour Legislation"



- Member of the UE Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
- Strategic Council of RIS3 – smart specialization strategy Centro region Portugal
- Advisory Board of the CSA Homes4lifes (certification of smart living)
- Reviewer of the Integrated Care Foundation Journal and MDPI Journal on Social Sciences
- Member of the Organising Committee of the AAL Forum 2018 and 2019 and Egen2019
- Member of the Coordination Group of Ageing@Coimbra (reference site)
- Expert on several Delphi panels, e.g. FOCUS, mHealth apps certification,Smart Cities

SPEAKER (few examples)

- MyData Conference 2020 – virtual conference
- Digital Health Society Summit – virtual conference
- B-Day 2019 – European Commission Annual Conference – Brussels, Belgium
- AAL Forum 2019 – Aarhus, Denmark
- Conference of Partners EIP-AHA 2018 - Brussels, Belgium
- Europe Social Housing: looking back, moving forward – Amesterdam, The Netherlands
- WorldCist’17 - 5th World Conference on IT and Technologies, Porto Santo, Portugal
- 2016 European Summit on Innovation for active and Healthy Ageing – Brussels, Belgium
- International Conference Neighbourhoods of the Future – Brussels, Belgium
- International Conference Age-Friendly Environments – Malahide (Dublin), Ireland
- International Conference Building the Future of Health – Groningen, Netherlands
- Refugees Crisis – TV program on RTP2


experience | projects | publications | education | other


STEP_UP | 2020-2023 (Erasmus+) – Coord. SHINE
Stop epidemic growth through learning – a gaming and training approach

DESIRE | 2020-2023 (Erasmus +) – Coord. STUBA
Innovative training course to adapt or design age-friendly housing.

Smart for Democracy and Diversity | 2020-2023 (Erasmus+) – Coord. ISIS
Digital Education Concepts for Diversity and Democratic Participation

The response of CSOs to Covid-19 pandemic and consequent restrictive measures adopted in Europe | 2020 (European Economic Social Committee) – Coord. Wise Angle

BIG – Educational game: Building Inclusive Environments for All Generations | 2020-2022 (Erasmus+) – Coord. AFEdemy
Develop the BIG game, raise awareness and transfer knowledge on age-friendly environments

UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration | 2020-2022 (H2020) – Coord ETUC
Contract as E-communications managers and development of the e-marketing strategy.

NET4AgeFriendly | 2020 – 2024 | COST Action | Chair: Carina Dantas | 38 countries (~280 researchers) | national ecosystems on health and wellbeing in an age-friendly digital world.

GoodBrother | Sep 2020 – Sep 2024 | COST Action | 37 countries | research on audio and video applications regarding ethics and privacy

Expert contract for CEN/CENELEC (with Uninfo) to build and validate the European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession | 2018 – 2022

Expert contract for the AAL Programme to develop the Guidelines on Ethics, data security and privacy | 2020 – 2022

Contract as E-communications manager for the ETUC project on
UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration” | 2010 - 2023

In the ECHAlliance:

Gatekeeper | 2019-2023 (H2020 IA) – Coord. UPM
Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments

Gravitate Health | 2020-2025 (H2020 IMI-2019-18-03) – Coord. Univ Oslo and Pfizer
Equip and empower citizens with digital information tools for their health journey

DigitalHealthEurope | 2019-2020 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. empirica
Support to enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market

WE4AHA | 2018-2020 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. Funka
Enabling large-scale uptake of digital innovation for active and healthy ageing

Trillium II| 2017-2019 (H2020 CSA) – Coord. MedCom / HL7
Advance adoption of the International patient summary through standards and interoperability


experience | projects | publications | education | other


Reviewer of abstracts submitted to International Conference in Integrated Care 2019, 2020 and 2021

Reviewer of articles submitted to the Integrated Care Foundation Journal

Reviewer of articles submitted to the MDPI Journals and Geriatrics Journal

Reviewer of abstracts submitted to International Conference on Integrated Care 2019 & 2020

Reviewer of abstracts submitted for the 2019 International Conference on Soft Computing and Machine Learning (SCML 2019 - April 26th-29th, 2019--Wuhan, China)

Workshop organiser and reviewer of abstracts for the Conference PETRA 2019

Jury - pre-selection panel of the European Silver Economy Awards (May 2018)

Jury – Regional Awards on Active and Healthy Ageing – editions 2018 & 2019


experience | projects | publications | education | other

Jan-2004 / Dez-2005

Postgraduate Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
High Studies School – Miguel Torga Superior Institute
1 year of lectures and 1 year of supervision (Dr. António Mendonça). Final thesis entitled "The Angel of Death: the failure of prevention campaigns of HIV/AIDS."


VI Course of Ongoing Formation for Prevention of Drug Addiction
Drug and Addictions Institute
Various perspectives of intervention: social, psychological, pharmacological, rehabilitation, research. 2 papers: "From Depression to Drug Addiction - an analytical perspective" and "Group Psychotherapy."

Set-1994 / Jan-2000

Degree in Law (Pre-Bologna)
Law School – University of Coimbra


experience | projects | publications | education | other

(previous examples)

- 2015 - Facilitator / coordinator of Refugees support and housing in Coimbra’s Dioceses
- 2013 – Municipal network for the implementation of the millennium development goals
- 2013 – Person of contact for Prog. Bebida Solidária – SIC educational achievement
- 2012/2013 -   Municipal network for 2012 - European Year of Active Ageing
- 2012/2013 – Creation, coordination and evaluation of project Entregerações – 193 activities with more than 5000 beneficiaries/participants concerning active ageing
- 2011/2012 – Social network for HIV intervention - with City Hall and local partners
- 2011 – Coordinator in Cáritas Coimbra of the Volunteer program with EDP Foundation

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